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If The "Diablo III" Trailer Were Honest


Now featuring over TWENTY different imp colors. Sometimes loving a franchise can't save it from itself.

Source: youtube.com

Highly Endangered Rhino Gives Birth And Other Links


The Sumatran rhinoceros is near extinction, with less than 300 estimated to live in the wild, but this baby is sure cute! Plus, how to turn a production disaster into movie gold and a floating mansion you'll never own.

During the production of any movie, terrible decisions are made. But at least 6 times this managed to turn into great moments on film. - [Cracked]

These artists were known for being extremely serious but even in the days before Facebook embarrassing photos of you playing piano in your underwear couldn't be kept under wraps. - [Flavorwire]

Suddenly it all makes sense why Bowser let his kids pilot multi-million dollar airships in Super Mario 3. - [Dorkly]

Whooooo! Olympics host city! Let's build a huge, elaborate venue to display our prowess to the world and then promptly let it fall into disrepair as soon as the games are over. - [GOOD]

If humans could overcome the "ick" factor of eating insects and seaweed, we could create sustainable food security. In other words, we're all eventually gonna starve to death. - [Slate]

10 whimsical tunnels you can easily imagine are gateways to Narnia. - [Oddee]

The very real threat of career and/or quality of life ending injury is why athletes get paid the big bucks. Warning: Cringe-inducing moments ahead! - [BleacherReport]

I know you that $4.6 million you just won in the lottery is burning a hole in your pocket, so why not blow it on this 10,000 square foot yacht/house hybrid? - [Tecca]

The "Rayguns & Robots" science fiction art show was a hodge podge of awesome. - [GammaSquad]

Headline Story: This baby Sumatran rhinoceros is only the fifth born in captivity in over 123 years. - [Telegraph]

Chris Hemsworth's Muscles Top The Morning Links


I will sit here consumed with lust for the rest of the day. Plus, a star from The Hangover just got married and can we all agree Chuck Norris is a horrible person not deserving of Internet adoration?

Congratulations to Zach Galifianakis on his marriage! We can only hope his bachelor party rivaled that of The Hangover. - [Celebuzz]

Out of the 5 Spice Girls, which one had the most successful style evolution? - [Glamour]

As a sort of bizarro world twist, a woman rushed the field to sexual harass a baseball player. Hands to yourself! - [BleacherReport]

Whoa there, former member of N*SYNC. No need to ab lib lines into "Bye Bye Bye" about anal sex. - [TMZ]

Hey Internet, Chuck Norris is a homophobic douche and his jokes are super old anyway. I say we boycott him in favor of Liam Neeson jokes. - [WWTDD]

Lindsay Lohan put a gun in her mouth. Because that's sexy in Terry Richardson's mind. - [TheSuperficial]

RIP, Nora Ephron. She was best known as the screenwriter for Sleepless In Seattle. - [Fox]

A small detail like wearing the giant diamond on the wrong hand isn't going to stop the Internet from speculating if Jennifer Aniston is engaged now or not. - [Dlisted]

Wednesday is kind of like Friday, so kill some time by watching a supercut of one joke from each episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. - [Uproxx]

Headline Story: Hey go read this totally interesting interview with Chris Hemsworth. AHAHAHAHA, I mean go look at this great slideshow and try not to let your co-workers see the lust haze in your eyes. - [GQ]

"Maleficent" Film Leaks Ruin The Movie Magic Illusion


And it's pretty interesting to look at. Angelina Jolie being hoisted on a blue screen crane while crew members chat in the background is like a “Where's Waldo” scene.


According to On Location Vacations, the Sleeping Beauty prequel has set up a tent village for the crew and are filming in Buckinghamshire.

The county is in the Southeast part of England and is a popular spot for filmmakers due to its close proximity to London. Maleficent joins the ranks of favorites such as Batman Begins, Aliens, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade and Casino Royale by setting down roots here.

It's almost enough to make you want to move to the south of England.



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Anti-Cheating Wedding Ring And Other Links


If you feel it necessary to purchase this for your future spouse, maybe you just shouldn't get married. Plus, space photography you won't believe isn't photoshopped and tween girls aren't dumb, they're just ignorant and passionate.

Damn space, you don't need photoshop to look surreal. - [Cracked]

Downton Abbey is exceptionally popular but in reality, surviving English estates are a rarity. - [TheDailyBeast]

Soon The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters, leading to all sorts of horrible Batman cosplays. - [Oddee]

Because you've always wanted to know what it would look like if you gave up on life and cannonballed into a pool of lava. Science! - [Videogum]

Whoa there, crazy people. You can joke about setting Apple or Microsoft of whomever on fire, but you don't ACTUALLY DO IT. - [HuffingtonPost]

Find out if your favorite fictional teacher is deserving of tenure or a visit from child services. - [CollegeHumor]

If you're a fan of Team Fortress 2, the wait for Meet The Pyro is finally over! - [ToplessRobot]

Hollywood, we need to talk about your Ryan Reynolds addiction. It's...it's getting out of hand. - [Uproxx]

Calm down, tween girls. When Harry Met Sally is not about your precious One Direction member dating some chick named Sally. - [Crushable]

Nothing says, "I don't have trust issues and am perfectly happy to marry you," quite like this ring. - [Telegraph]

The "Stars Wars" That I Used To Know

Shailene Woodley's Red Carpet Atrocity Tops The Morning Links


Is the star of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager at a premiere or going on a midnight Wal-Mart run? Also, Hilary Duff loves her post-baby body no matter what we think and Ke$ha got a new tattoo.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 25: Shailene Woodley attends the 'Red Lights' New York Screening at Sunshine Landmark on June 25, 2012 in New York City.

Image by Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Hilary Duff wore a bikini to a family function because having a baby doesn't mean you have to throw out every sexy piece of clothing you ever owned. - [PopSugar]

Why someone isn't filming all the behind-the-scenes drama on The Today Show is beyond me. This is better than a soap opera. - [RadarOnline]

One of the stars of True Blood is having twins! - [TheInsider]

Sony sure is giving out a lot of reasons why they're rebooting Spider-Man but none of them are the honest, "It's all we've got!" - [HuffingtonPost]

Paris Hilton is two seconds away from taking off her earrings in this fight with a photog. - [TheSuperficial]

The truth hurts, Russell Brand. - [TMZ]

If you love spoilers, and who doesn't, pop on over and watch an executive producer for Dexter accidentally spill the beans for season 7. - [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Ke$ha's new tattoo is very...her. - [WWTDD]

After some outlets implied Prince Harry was a little too friendly with his brother's wife, a rep had to come out and politely say, "Oh FFS!". - [USMagazine]

Headline Story: Behold! The day Kristen Stewart had her "I don't give a crap about my red carpet appearance" Queenship ripped from her hands. - [GoFugYourself]

Bath Salts Not To Blame For Vicious Miami Attack


Well, there goes that theory. The toxicology results are back, and the attacker had nothing in his system besides small amounts of marijuana.

L- Attacker Eugene Rudy; R - Victim Ronald Poppo

Please resume mild levels of panic at your earliest convenience.

On Wednesday, the official toxicology report was released to NBC Miami.

The medical examiner stated, "The department's toxicology laboratory has identified the active components of marijuana." They tested for all known street drugs, including known ingredients for bath salts, LSD, cocaine, meth, PCP, heroin, synthetic marijuana and prescription drug abuse. None of these were present, nor was there any trace of alcohol.

This gels with Eugene's past criminal record. Of his eight recorded arrests, four of them involved marijuana.

As far as the toxicology professionals are concerned, there was no mind-altering substance in Mr. Rudy's body that prompted the attack on Ronald Poppo.

Abraham Lincoln: 8-Bit Vampire Hunter


Sorry Lincoln but your wife is in another Antebellum Mansion. Warning: Spoilers ahoy!

Source: youtube.com  /  via: doobybrain.com

Arguably these are more like 16-bit graphics but are you going to tell axe-wielding 8-Bitham Lincoln he misnamed himself? Yeah, I didn't think so.

A great concept by Freddiew with an animation assist from Clandesdyne.

Collectible Troll Dolls Return


Wait just a minute, where are their bejeweled belly buttons? This is an outrage! Oooo, they have metallic ones now.

Good Luck Trolls, as they were never called by the kids that collected them, are back! I want the silver metal one with pink hair! Trade?

Joining the likes of Marvel Heroes and My Little Pony as individually wrapped mystery collectibles, this adds one more way to cling to yesteryear.

Look for all 15 variants from Dark Horse Comics starting July 25th.

Disabled Sheep Gets New Lease On Life And Other Links


Or is it, a new fleece? Sorry, sorry. Also, broadband data caps might be illegal and the world' first synthetic larynx transplant was a success!

Oh good, turns out activities we do all the time are making us stupider. Maybe this explains people threatening to move to Canada to get away from healthcare mandates. - [Cracked]

A super important post about the rules of magic in Magic Mike. - [io9]

Oh man, the good news just keeps rolling in today. The US government has decided to look into whether capping broadband data is illegal. - [HuffingtonPost]

What if Dora the Explorer was a live action crime caper? Swiper no swiping! - [CollegeHumor]

Spotify now makes more money for record labels than CD sales. This is great news for everyone but the artists. - [DeathAndTaxes]

And the official song of the 2012 London Olympics is... - [BleacherReport]

What do you buy an uber-rich 1950s housewife that has time traveled to the 21st century? A solid gold vacuum of course. - [Tecca]

Because airlines are determined to make us hate them, your lost luggage is now up for sale to consumers. - [Fox]

Russian surgeons just completed the first successful synthetic larynx transplant. Cigarettes for everybody! - [GammaSquad]

Headline Story: Buster isn't going to let anything like being born with only three legs slow him down. - [Telegraph]

Meticulously Crafted Death Star Has Unbelievable Origin


That's no moon!

Tumblr user and Buzzfeed regular Ian Brooks stumbled across a Japanese craft site where hobbyist tatumaru5963 painstakingly hollowed-out ping pong balls to resemble the Death Star from Return of the Jedi.

TatuMaru has also made speeder bikes and chicken walker replicas.

Naked Nathan Fillion


This fan art makes me aim to misbehave. Sadly, it's only a wonderful mash-up of Da Vinci's “Perfect Man” that covers up all the important bits with suggestive gun placement.

Created by graphic designer Hawk Haque for QMX Online.

Somehow he pulled enough strings to get both poster and t-shirt approved by Nathan Fillion (or his people) to make this OFFICIAL merchandise.


Hat tip to Entertainment Weekly

Ryan Gosling Has A New Challenger Tops The Morning Links


Captain America loves women that love babies and puppies. Plus another star is down to do the Devil Wears Prada sequel and why you'll never see the Duggars at the beach.

Photo Courtesy Of Details Magazine

Before suffering poster's remorse, Madonna's teenage daughter snapped a photo of herself in her mom's iconic cone bra. - [HollywoodReporter]

An explanation for Blue Ivy's name is finally available straight from the source, and leads to baby Blue getting honorary Croatian citizenship. - [MTV]

Emily Blunt would be totally down to do a Devil Wears Prada sequel on one (reasonable) condition. - [Crushable]

Did we perfect time travel when I wasn't looking? Because Britney Spears hasn't looked this good since 1999. - [TheSuperficial]

One Magic Mike reviewers thoughts: Less talking, more stripping. - [Buzzsugar]

Why you'll never see the Duggars at the beach. And is has nothing to do with trying to buy ice cream for almost two dozen kids. - [Dlisted]

The best proof yet that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are meant to be together. - [TMZ]

We all know Charlize Theron shaved her head, but we finally get a photo of her sans hat. - [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Sharon Stone accidentally wore a see-through shirt last night and I can only hope my breasts look that good when I'm staring 55 in the face. - [WWTDD]

Headline Story: Ladies (and gentlemen) I present Chris Evans as a viable replacement for Gosling since the latter is practically engaged and the former is actively looking. -[USMagazine]

12 LEGO Sets That Don't Exist...Yet


But much like Tinkerbell, if you believe in them enough, LEGO will make them happen. LEGO has started their own version of Kickstarter to crowd source future sets.

A quick and dirty explanation before we get started. CuuSoo is an official outlet of LEGO, set up like Kickstarter. Only instead of money, you just vote which is way easier on your wallet.

Anyone can submit an idea. If your project receives at least 10,000 votes LEGO will review it (they do this four times a year) and if they can get through all the legal red tape to the final product, the submitter gets 1% of the total net sales.

Still confused? Let this video help:

Source: youtube.com

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Despite Nabii's best attempts, the LEGO TARDIS isn't bigger on the inside but it's still a stellar project. Each set would come with a period accurate Doctor, companion and TARDIS with optional daleks and maybe even some weeping angels.

Read more about it and vote it up here.

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June 2012 History Of The World Via Facebook And Other Links


This seems legit. Plus gymnastics are brutal and a Wall Street trader committed suicide in the courtroom.

Learn More About History This Month Over At College Humor

It might have a reputation as a "girl's sport" but Olympic grade gymnastics can be downright dangerous. - [BleacherReport]

We're not accusing pop culture of consorting with the devil to divine the future, we're just not ruling it out. - [Cracked]

11 things fans of inexplicably popular 50 Shades of Grey need to stop saying. - [TheStir]

If Cosmo is giving out horrible sex advice to women, Maxim isn't exactly helping men either. - [Nerve]

Time for a nostalgia injection with 9 brands from the 90s you forgot existed. - [Glamour]

Moments after being found guilty for arson to get out of his mortgage, this Wall Street trader consumed poison and died IN THE COURTROOM. - [HuffingtonPost]

Those comical wigs from Renaissance Europe came into fashion because human beings are gross and disgusting creatures. - [MentalFloss]

Wait wait wait. In the 80s Christians had their own version of Dungeons & Dragons? - [GammaSquad]

Delorean stretch limos now exist because AWESOME. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Wil Wheaton is among the vocal celebrities on Google+ condemning its latest feature. - [Tecca]

Extremely Questionable "Pencil Case"


Someone at Square Enix has a dirty mind. I defy you tell me you'd first assume this was for pencils.

Via: designyoutrust.com

In case you aren't familiar, this little blue guy is from the Dragon Quest series of role-playing games.

Square Enix doesn't ship these adorable fleshlight holders plush pencil cases until September, so pre-order fast before they figure out their horrible mistake.

"The Dark Knight Rises" Spot Showcases Anne Hathaway's Catwoman


It's getting harder to hear the naysayers. As the media ramp up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises gathers steam, more footage is seeing the light of day.

The folks over at Superhero Hype got ahold of a high quality television spot that showcases Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle aka Catwoman.

Remember when The Dark Knight Returns announced Heath Ledger as the Joker and the Internet lost its damn mind because OMG WHAT IS NOLAN THINKING CASTING THAT EYE CANDY AS THE MOST ICONIC VILLAIN IN BATMAN, NAY IN ALL OF HISTORY?!?!?!?!?

And then Heath Ledger was the Joker and everyone was blown away?

Calling the same thing right now for Anne Hathaway. Nolan knows what he's doing.

All Of "Star Wars: A New Hope" In One Tiny GIF


Because the Internet demanded it. How it took four years after its creation to hit the radar is an unsolvable mystery.

I don't know how the social media person for Dark Horse found this, but bless them.

If you like what you see, Folds Five also animated Epidsode V & VI.

Perfect Purse For Alcoholics And Other Weekend Links


Okay well maybe not alcoholics…just wine lovers. Also, HBO is finally coming to Hulu and babies are easy to teach as long as you have popsicles.

Hooray! HBO is going to license their shows to Hulu. In Japan!?! SON OF A BITCH. - [Flavorwire]

Because fashion is fickle, here's 20 girls that are managing to pull off Skrillex's signature hairstyle. - [Uproxx]

Sure you'll never run out of cleaner but hiring a giantess maid is such a hassle. - [PSDisasters]

When teaching a baby to crawl, all you need is the proper motivational tools. - [Videogum]

In case you needed a reminder, here's 6 ways to remember that you're poor. - [Cracked]

Have you ever wondered what a shooter likes like from the perspective of the bad guys? Well you have now and luckily this video is going to show you. - [Geekosystem]

An argument highlighting why the second season of a television show is actually more crucial than its first. - [Vulture]

Check out these 4 rumors circulating about the changes coming to iTunes. - [TheWeek]

China's economic growth is outstripping its actual growth because it turns out "if you build it, they will come," is a lie. - [GlobalPost]

Headline Story: Swiss designer Claudia Eicke hit upon this design while trying to figure out how to carry everything she needed for the day without making a pit stop at her house. - [Telegraph]

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