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12 LEGO Sets That Don't Exist...Yet


But much like Tinkerbell, if you believe in them enough, LEGO will make them happen. LEGO has started their own version of Kickstarter to crowd source future sets.

A quick and dirty explanation before we get started. CuuSoo is an official outlet of LEGO, set up like Kickstarter. Only instead of money, you just vote which is way easier on your wallet.

Anyone can submit an idea. If your project receives at least 10,000 votes LEGO will review it (they do this four times a year) and if they can get through all the legal red tape to the final product, the submitter gets 1% of the total net sales.

Still confused? Let this video help:

Source: youtube.com

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Despite Nabii's best attempts, the LEGO TARDIS isn't bigger on the inside but it's still a stellar project. Each set would come with a period accurate Doctor, companion and TARDIS with optional daleks and maybe even some weeping angels.

Read more about it and vote it up here.

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