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Chris Hemsworth's Muscles Top The Morning Links


I will sit here consumed with lust for the rest of the day. Plus, a star from The Hangover just got married and can we all agree Chuck Norris is a horrible person not deserving of Internet adoration?

Congratulations to Zach Galifianakis on his marriage! We can only hope his bachelor party rivaled that of The Hangover. - [Celebuzz]

Out of the 5 Spice Girls, which one had the most successful style evolution? - [Glamour]

As a sort of bizarro world twist, a woman rushed the field to sexual harass a baseball player. Hands to yourself! - [BleacherReport]

Whoa there, former member of N*SYNC. No need to ab lib lines into "Bye Bye Bye" about anal sex. - [TMZ]

Hey Internet, Chuck Norris is a homophobic douche and his jokes are super old anyway. I say we boycott him in favor of Liam Neeson jokes. - [WWTDD]

Lindsay Lohan put a gun in her mouth. Because that's sexy in Terry Richardson's mind. - [TheSuperficial]

RIP, Nora Ephron. She was best known as the screenwriter for Sleepless In Seattle. - [Fox]

A small detail like wearing the giant diamond on the wrong hand isn't going to stop the Internet from speculating if Jennifer Aniston is engaged now or not. - [Dlisted]

Wednesday is kind of like Friday, so kill some time by watching a supercut of one joke from each episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. - [Uproxx]

Headline Story: Hey go read this totally interesting interview with Chris Hemsworth. AHAHAHAHA, I mean go look at this great slideshow and try not to let your co-workers see the lust haze in your eyes. - [GQ]

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