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Comic Book Illustrator Tony Harris Hates Women (Cosplayers)


Everyone knows women can't be nerds. If it were up to men like Harris, women would have to take an exam proving their cred before graciously being allowed entrance to conventions.

There is a saying about biting the hand that feeds you. Tony Harris, two-time Eisner Award winner and veteran comic book illustrator, obviously hasn't heard of it. In a rant post to his Facebook page on Monday, November 12 (below), Harris launches into a tirade against women cosplayers.

Via: en.wikipedia.org

While it should be shocking that a person in the industry would go out of their way to alienate and slut-shame half the human population, it isn't. So let's break down Mr. Harris' argument and figure out what he's trying to say.

What he said:

What he said:

Via: facebook.com

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