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Christopher Lee Reads "The Nightmare Before Christmas"


Did you know the movie was based on poem? Burton wrote it back in 1982 while working for Disney.

Source: youtube.com  /  via: boingboing.net

Between the poem's inception in 1982 and its film release in 1993, Jack Skellington and his world went through different iterations. For years Disney wanted to turn Burton's idea into a short film or TV Christmas special but feared it was too scary for kids. By the time it made to the big screen under the Touchstone Films banner, plot elements had been added or changed. Like a game of "Spot The Differences", these are the ones I found:

• Jack becomes the King of Halloween Town
• Zero's nose changed from a glowing Jack'o'Lantern to Rudolph Red
• More holiday doors were added to the forest
• Sally subplot added, and with it, a love story to soften Jack's personality
• Jack goes from being jealous and anger at Santa to a more naive wonder
• Lock, Shock and Barrel kidnap Santa offscreen
• Santa Claus name changed to Sandy Claws
• Jack believes he is giving Santa a well deserved vacation instead of stealing his job
• Gumby and Pokey evil toys removed, presumably for copyright reasons
• Oogie Boogie subplot added, giving Jack a villain to fight
• When shot down by the military, Jack lands in the arms of a stone angel
• Jack is reinvigorated in his role as the King of Halloween and gets the girl, as opposed to continuing in his depression.

Did you notice any more differences? Leave them in the comments!

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