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"Big Bang Theory" Trailer Posits Women Never Buy Comics


Seriously, “where no woman has gone before”? For a show that claims to understand nerds, it really doesn't.

Source: youtube.com  /  via: bleedingcool.com

For about the first ten seconds, this teaser for episode thirteen of the current season of The Big Bang Theory is harmless. Or as harmless as it can be considering this show might actually despise its fan base.

But then things get down right insulting. It would be acceptable, perhaps even funny, had they phrased it "where none of THESE women" have gone before. But that is not a broad enough generalization obviously, so the show falls back on the "girls don't go in comic shops ever for any reason ever even on pain of death never ever."

There have been a lot of attacks on women in geek culture over the past year, many of them high profile. It speaks poorly of TBBT writers (or marketing department) to be so out of touch with the churning social commentary within their own sub-culture.

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