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DIY "Star Wars" Heels Are The Shoes You're Looking For


Save the galaxy in style. Mikeasaurus will help you turn a pair of Mary Jane's into custom light-up R2-D2 fashion.

Source: instructables.com

What You'll Need:

•1x button cell battery holder
•1x 3V coin cell battery (mine was CR20163)
•2x identical R2D2 toy action figures (about $8 each)
•white shoes in desired size (mine were free)
•1x SPST (or SPDT) switch
•2x 5mm red blinky LEDs
•2x 5mm LED holders
•2x mini flashlights - lenses only ($1 each)
•1/4" - 20 threaded rod
•2x 1/4" - 20 hex nuts
•2-3mm blue foam sheets ($1 each)
•sunglasses (mine were $1)
•thin-gauge wire
•heat-shrink tubing

•MIG welder
•soldering iron
•propane torch
•rotary tool
•elecric drill
•rubber cement
•foam glue
•2-part epoxy (extra strength - not "quick setting")
•white spray paint

Got your supplies? You're all set! Head over to Mikeasurus's Instructables page for step-by-step instructions.

Source: instructables.com

While you're there, make sure to make yourself a pair of his Dinosaur Heels too!

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