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Everything You Need To Know About James Bond In One GIF


BAMF. Need more? Go watch the trailer.

If Niagara Falls Hosted A Rave And Other Links


Ooooo, pretty lights! Plus, Harry Potter turns 32 today and Olympic fever can't trump physical limits.

Niagara Falls are lit up in neon colours during a light show.

To the (hopeful) surprise of no one, turns out claw machine games are rigged. - [Geekosystem]

11 facts about Harry Potter to celebrate his 32nd birthday. - [MentalFloss]

Why are villains always going out of their way to screw up their own plans? - [Cracked]

A new eye injection gave sight back to a blind mouse. - [Tecca]

Fox News is trying...and failing...to tie the Aurora shooting to World of Warcraft. - [GammaSquad]

Direct TV dropped AMC so people protested in the best way possible; by dressing up like zombies and scaring New Yorkers. - [Neatorama]

Cremation urns shouldn't be this creepy. - [Oddee]

Safety rules for the pool, the elevator, the bathroom and more. - [CollegeHumor]

Man gets swept up in Olympic fever, vows to swim from France to America...fails. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Today was a great day for once in a lifetime photos. - [Telegraph]

Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" Gets Animated


Fans of The Dark Knight Rises will see a lot of parallels. Nolan was obviously a fan of Miller's work.

Get More: MTV Shows

Working Electric Wheelchair Made Of LEGOs


More or less expensive than a regular electric wheelchair you think? Congrats to Simon Burfield for creating the world's first LEGO wheelchair!

Source: youtube.com  /  via: blog.makezine.com

According to Simon's YouTube page:

Currently still a prototype, the LEGO Wheelchair can move a 90kg person.

It uses 6 NXT's to drive 12 NXT motors (2 per NXT for maximum power output) which are connected to 12 Rotacaster multi-directional wheels. Using these wheels will later allow for side to side movement(strafing).

There is a master NXT which controls the 6 NXT via turning on/off touch sensors. The joystick is connected to 4 touch sensors to determine direction (forward, backwards, turn left, turn right).
The master NXT then turns 2 motors (left / right side) different directions which turn on / off 12 touch sensors (2 per NXT for backwards / forwards).

Special thanks to LEGO and Rotacaster.com.au for supporting this project.

Simon's wife does the test driving in his videos and the next upgrade will include remote control via any Android device. You can see a step by step photo guide over on his Flickr stream.

First Look! "Game Of Thrones" Leaks Riverrun Set


Family, Duty, Honor. House Tully finally gets their due in Season 3 of Game of Thrones.

For those not familiar with GRRM's novels but are familiar with the show, Riverrun is the House Seat of the Tully family. So far we've met Catelyn Stark (Née Tully) and her breast feeding sister Lysa Arryn (Née Tully).

Bran notes their sigil as a fish during his infodump genealogy lesson in Season One and the Tully House words: Family, Duty, Honor.

So far HBO has announced casting for several long awaited members of the family, including Clive Russell as Cat's wayward uncle Brynden and Tobias Menzies as the youngest Tully, Edmure. No announcement yet as to who will play patriarch Hoster.

Source: hbowatch.com  /  via: blastr.com

Victoria Beckham Covers Glamour Sans Pants Tops The Morning Links


Doesn't everyone dress like that to shop? Plus the original Catwoman's take on Nolan's Batman and you don't need legs to mountain climb.

Wait, Robert Pattinson is hiding out where while Kristen Stewart moves out of their house? - [USMagazine]

Jeremy Lin was just the latest in a long line of pro-athletes to get a huge payday before really doing anything. - [BleacherReport]

The original Catwoman is not a fan of The Dark Knight but still thinks Anne Hathaway is a divine actress. - [HuffingtonPost]

If Bret Michaels can't make it with his Rock Of Love fiancee, then does this mean reality show love isn't really real? - [TheSuperficial]

One man isn't going to let a little thing like having no legs stop him from mountain climbing. - [DailyMail]

Celebrate the Olympics with tons of different nail art designs. - [NYMag]

An arrest warrant has been issued in New Orleans for Cuba Gooding Jr. - [Filmdrunk]

Consumers hate a lot of things. Here's the top 10 things we complained about in 2011. - [HLN]

Diana Ross is urging everyone to give Michael Jackson's children some privacy. Good luck with that. - [Fox]

Ninjas: They're Just Like Us

Amazing Posters For Video Game Movies That Don't Exist


Why would you taunt us like this? To be fair, two of these are actually in various stages of productions right now. But that doesn't mean they'll see the light of day.

Source: themadbutcher.deviantart.com

While I'm not entirely sure where Joey from Geek Tyrant got this collection of wicked fan posters, they definitely make me long for more (re: any) quality game to movie adaptations.

And yes, Uncharted has been optioned and Ubisoft has tapped Michael Fassbender for the Assassin's Creed movie, but it's a long way from script to screen.

Also, if you know who Photoshopped any of these posters, let me know in the comments so I can give credit where it's due! (UPDATE! Thanks to RoboPanda I've been able to credit all images.)

Source: blacklab94.deviantart.com

Source: leknives.deviantart.com

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Backseat Driver Cat And Other Links


Keep your eyes on the road, you're gonna get us all killed! Plus an invasion of teddy bears and let's mash-up Julia Childs with Guns'N'Roses.

Plane drops teddy bears of hope over Europe's last authoritarian state. - [Time]

24 vintage photos of Abe Lincoln being a BAMF even without being a vampire hunter. - [MentalFloss]

These 9 old timey weapons are as irresponsible as they are hilarious. - [Cracked]

In China's rush to industrialize, an entire generation of children are being left behind by migrant parents chasing a dream. - [TheDailyBeast]

12 ridiculous, desperate and/or humorous real estate signs. - [Oddee]

Remember the American wife of British billionaire Hans Rausing was found dead in their mansion? Turns out she'd been dead for over two months. - [NYPost]

It took a few days, but Britain final brought home their first gold medal of the 2012 games. - [SportsIllustrated]

15 dumb things not to say if you want to die with your dignity intact. - [CollegeHumor]

Who would've guessed Julia Childs would mash-up so well with Guns N Roses? - [Flavorwire]

Headline Story: Animal photobombs will always be hilarious. Click thru for EIGHTY-FOUR more. - [HuffingtonPost]

Is Dubstep Just Genius Avant Garde?


An argument for why making music sound like dying robots is actually crazy hard. Wub wub wub, bitches.

Source: youtube.com

What does PBS want you to think of when you hear dubstep? Italian futurists of course. Over 80 years ago, the fringes of the musical community were experimenting with the concept of machines as musicians and noise as music.

In fact, they argue that dubstep is not only awesome but without nearly a century of priming, our ears wouldn't even hear it the same way:

Dubstep. Is. Awesome. While some people may hear noise, we hear
amazing musical genius. The aural creativity of Dubstep, and its
embrace of inharmonic sounds, makes it the most recent member of the
long-established Avant Garde community. There is a long history of
avant garde musicians and thinkers promoting the concept of noise and
non-instrumental sounds as MUSIC, much to the horror of their
audience. But over the past century, changes in technology and music
genres have primed listeners, allowing mainstream audiences to enjoy
the beautiful noise of Skrillex, Bassnectar & the whole Dubstep

"Doctor Who" Promo Picture Does Not Bode Well


Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. Seriously do not click if you want your Series Seven unspoiled.

This image was leaked by the Who team in preparation for the trailer release tomorrow at 6AM U.K time or 1AM EST.

Hat tip to Bleeding Cool.

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Are Totally Dating Tops The Morning Links


All the protestations in the world can't compete with photographic evidence. Plus Miley Cyrus is topless again and Nicole Kidman's latest movie includes a really raunchy scene.


Why the hell is badminton of all sports so full of scandal and dirty players? - [Slate]

Don't worry kids, the Total Recall remake might be PG-13 but you'll still get your 3 boob nipple shot. - [TMZ]

"If I Was Your Droidfriend" parody turns C-3P0 into Justin Bieber. Or would it be the other way around? - [HuffingtonPost]

Miley is just being Miley...topless...again. - [TheSuperficial]

Somehow Selma Blair was completely unaware the Olympics were happening right now. - [Vulture]

It's a miracle! Celebrities with mysteriously reappearing hair. - [Fox]

The movie where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron's face has a trailer now. So, there's that. - [FilmDrunk]

Is it more important for a country to win more gold medals or just more medals in general when competing in the Olympics? = [BleacherReport]

According to a new study, American life expectancy changes dramatically depending on what state you live in. - [DailyMail]

Headline Story: Despite all her interviews to the contrary, photos have been popping up all over the place to indicate Mila Kunis IS dating Ashton Kutcher. - [PopSugar]

Disney Same-Sex Series: Love Is The Answer


D'awwww, they all look so happy. Rodolfo Loaiza gives some iconic Disney characters an orientation make-over.

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Summer Sports You'll Actually Play And Other Links


Every summer, without fail. Also, Jerry Springer takes on the bronies and the New Zealand held a really weird beauty contest.

8 sped up videos that will forever change how you see ordinary things. - [Cracked]

Could the memory hacking concept from Total Recall be on its way to reality? - [Time]

Jerry Springer has angered the bronies. This could get ugly. - [GammaSquad]

Rob and Kristen are on speaking terms again and Rupert Sander's wife is willing to forgive him if refuses to direct the Snow White sequel. - [NYPost]

20 awesome wedding invitations with a geeky flair. - [Oddee]

"Man, Facebook has been awesome for my self-esteem!" Words said by no one, ever. - [HLN]

Flags still right where we left them on the moon, but have faded to a ghostly white. - [Tecca]

For reason's known only to New Zealand, one of their schools held a best dressed dead opossum competition. - [DeathAndTaxes]

So adorable! 7 interspecies adoptions to melt your heart. - [TheFrisky]

Headline Story: Be sure to click through to see all the other summer sports you never knew you were pro at. - [CollegeHumor]

Speedo Goes High Fashion For The Olympics


Presenting the “Unity” dress. Who knew upcycling had made its way into haute couture?

Fashion label From Somewhere joined forces with Speedo to turn old swimsuits into an Olympic worthy symbol.

The designers worked using the theme of water because "...water belongs to us all," according to Orsola de Castro. The dress is made up of the national colors from many countries including Great Britain, Israel, Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Photos courtesy of eCouterre.

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Miley Cyrus Tweets Tiny Waist Tops The Morning Links


In Liam's pants no less. Plus Jackson family drama continues and one Chick-Fil-A is going rogue.

Jackson family drama continues with matriarch Katherine now suggesting she was tricked into going to Arizona. - [TMZ]

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David continue to be flawless parents. - [JustJared]

Did Kristen Stewart's scandal help her snag a coveted role from Jennifer Lawrence or was it just Lawrence's book schedule? - [HuffingtonPost]

Hugh Jackman looks like a hobo on the set of the Wolverine sequel. - [TheSuperficial]

The U.N. has announced Beyonce is their latest humanitarian ambassador. - [Fox]

Not all sharks are bad sharks, you guys. - [TheDailyBeast]

Nickelodeon is bringing their A-Game with a ton of new shows this fall including new animation from the creator of Chowder. - [HollywoodReporter]

Would having a third breast a la Total Recall be worth the hassle? - [Vulture]

A New Hampshire Chick-Fil-A has had enough, plans to sponsor a gay pride festival. - [Time]

Headline Story: Is Miley too thin? Just right? None of our business? Putting herself out there for judgement since she's famous? Discuss. - [USMagazine]

3-D Printer Gives Toddler "Magic" Arms


Humanity check! If this doesn't make you tear up, please report to the nearest android assessment center.

Source: youtube.com  /  via: neatorama.com

Emma was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita which a rare birth defect of unknown origin. It is characterized by multiple permanent shortenings of muscles, joints or both.

In Emma's case her legs were able to be casted to "normal" which meant a long process of stretching her legs to their current limits and then putting them in a cast to keep them in place and repeating the process multiple times. However, her arms did not respond to treatment and it was feared she's never be able to lift her hands to her face.

Then her parents found the researchers at Delaware hospital, and thanks to cutting edge technology, were able to help Emma use her magic arms.

Baby Elephant Makes Friends With Birds And Other Links


Let's end the week on an adorable note. Also, the diminishing returns on breaking world records and Mario has a dark secret.

Twitter is a great way to keep up with friends and news...or a great way to completely ruin your career and life. - [BleacherReport]

Humans wouldn't be humans if they didn't upgrade deadly weapons with crazy future tech. - [Cracked]

When will we reach the point where athletes can no longer break world records? - [TheWeek]

Science found a rare sightless amphibian in Brazil that has no lungs and looks like a snake penis. Evolution is weird. - [Geekosystem]

Olympians are covering themselves in colorful, high-tech tape for medical reasons. - [MentalFloss]

Nothing says "I'm a stable member of society," like running over 7 cop cars with your tractor as revenge for being arrested. - [DailyMail]

Mario's dark secret will change the way you look at his games forever. - [Dorkly]

Baseball cards from over 100 years ago fetch a huge price after being discovered in an attic. - [SportsIllustrated]

5 reason Playstation isn't going to be around after the next wave of console wars. - [GammaSquad]

Headline Story: That curious infant elephant is just the tip of the awww-berg. Click through for more animal photos! - [TheChive]

July 2012 Events Explained Via Facebook And Other Weekend Links


It was a weird month. Plus cartoon characters that would be horrifying if they were real and fish can get skin cancer now. Yay?

21 cartoon characters that would be terrifying in reality. - [Cracked]

Watch this insane volleyball kick that saved Brazil's play. - [BleacherReport]

So butter flavoring, like that found on microwave popcorn, has been linked to Alzheimers...wait what was I saying? Mmmm, popcorn. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Good news everyone (living in Illinois)! It is now illegal for your employer to ask for your Facebook password. - [HuffingtonPost]

Speaking of Facebook, tired of all your friends babies cluttering up your feed? Get rid of them...the photos, not the friends. - [HLN]

We've discovered the first known incident of skin cancer on wild fish. In the tropics. Because ozone, probably. - [GammaSquad]

12 bizarre photos of people crammed into unusual spaces. - [Flavorwire]

This 90 year old pole vaulter just broke a world record. Feel free to feel bad about your own level of activity. - [Tecca]

Check out these 10 outstanding Olympic athlete tattoos. - [Oddee]

Headline Story: Be sure to click through to read the entire world's Facebook wall for July. Egypt's insults are super old, you guys. - [CollegeHumor]

Death By Soda Can

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